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Thursday, September 3, 2015

I Sure Would Like Mitt Romney to Run

On some level, it's wrong that I want someone on the Republican side to make the electability argument and offer up Mitt Romney again. But if you forced me at gunpoint to say whether I thought Romney was better than Bush or Trump or Rubio or Walker--well yeah.

Jeb Bush is a lousy anti-Trump. He's following Trump's lead and screwing up his responses. He thinks he can Trump himself. And gets Trumped, himself.

But here's what Mitt Romney brings--he got endorsed by Trump. Bam. He's a businessman in his own right, and did more in business than in politics so he could, if he wanted, approach his run as much about being a concerned outsider than not. He can modestly discuss his conservative bona fides without faking them, in the way Trump can't always. And his hair is perfect.

Jeb is too low-energy to beat Trump. Anyone can see that. Romney doesn't need energy, He just needs to be a more-or-less decent-seeming grandfatherly guy who will govern to the best of his ability and demonstrates that one can have money without out being a moneyed braying arse about it

Yeah, Sanders, Clinton, and O'Malley are all still preferable to me--hell, even Webb is. But it would be a sign of sanity if some remnant in the GOP still thought that Romney might be, as Brother Pierce puts it, all the GOP has left, bitches?

And maybe the collected genius of the GOP would say no. But in my heart, I know better, You coulda backed Romney. You all coulda backed him harder. But you got Obama's second term and whatever this is.


tony in san diego said...

Romney's a loser, just like all those other losers. He lost to Obama.

mikey said...

In a way, Romney is scarier than Cruz or Paul or Ryan or Walker. He has no center. He has no core beliefs. He's the quintessential empty suit. If he ended up in the Oval Office he'd be GW Bush squared. He could be controlled, manipulated, managed and he would do whatever his handlers told him to do. He could turn the world into radioactive rubble faster than the rest of them, because there would simply be no circuit breaker...