Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Monday, August 24, 2015

Photo Analysis II: Spot the Mistake

A minor Photoshop error created some speculation that Jeb Bush's head was 'Shopped onto an African-American person's body for the graphic on a recent mailer, but that's not what happened, exactly.  The picture is all Jeb, it's only that the artist failed to correct the coloring of his left hand, which was in shadow in the original picture.  It's a little sloppy, but not really some kind of disastrous goof.

Actually, my impression is that the somewhat less-excusable goof is asking "Why Jeb?" It invites the answer: "Yeah, why him, anyway?" The speculation that Bush is not at all a Happy Warrior only makes this question a little more obvious. He keeps saying things that suggest his head isn't in the game.

As for the "toothy grin" I've given the candidate--well, I do kid. But his expression does seem at times that of a man whose family has vetoed his preferred vacation plans, and is doing his gosh-darndest to give the impression that he's having a great time. Just great. Stop asking, why don't you?

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