Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Go Back To Univision

I guess the takeaway there is, don't start asking Donald Trump questions he isn't looking for, and if you happen to be Jorge Ramos, uh, well, "Go back to Univision." The ethnic media island of Univision, where your "asking-questions" activism regarding things actually in the US Constitution that don't line up with the Donald Trump mission can go stand in the shame corner with "that bimbo", Megyn Kelly, I guess.

Like a lot of reality tv, I kind of have the feeling that this particular show wants to stay more or less on script for fear of actually encountering, you know, reality.  I'm not sure if Trump acknowledges that being president is not a reality show. You can be on tv and you do press and people watch you. But the reality bits are, as folks say in wrestling, shoot, not work.

He works the mic on script and his heel act seems shoot--not just totally kayfabe. But I don't think anyone knows how he'd hack the ring. Especially where he wouldn't have the luxury of booking himself against convenient foils.

I'd tell Trump to go back to "The Apprentice", but they wouldn't have him back.

(The Trump presence on WWE, anyway, was totes steady. I still can't say if he isn't completely straight-up having us all on.)

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