Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Friday, August 7, 2015

My Take On the GOP 2016 Cluster

There were in actual fact no winners here. Every one of these people in some way or another expressed a kind of disqualifying factor that removed themselves from being mainstream presidential competitors--especially Trump, but also Carson, Christie, Rubio. So many fails, so little time to explain why they represent so much fail. I think a lot of people believe that Marco Rubio did some kind of well-he didn't.

He isn't exactly articulate about immigration and he really isn't knowledgeable about foreign policy. My opinion wasn't changed. I still think Jeb Bush doesn't want the job and that Trump is a privileged a-hole. But it was great to know that Scott Walker, Mike Huckabee, and Ted Cruz are all pretty much in favor of making women carry the children of their rapists, or carrying children even if they are liable to be physically harmed or even die doing so. Good to know--to avoid thinking they will be successful candidates.

It helps to understand that there are no friends at all for women on the GOP side, and that they would wrestle with bottom-feeding 2nd tier guy Bobby Jindal to give fetuses even more rights than any woman might enjoy. Really, what is a woman but the fleshy wrapper a baby-maker comes in? It's also nice to know that many focus-groupity people think Carly Fiorina did okay in that 2nd tier debate, even if she stood there while men discussed women as the fleshy wrapper baby-makers come in without batting an eye--not that I see her face as being the most mobile in the entire 17 person matchup.

She explicitly attacked Donald Trump though. I dunno how he would address her or if he even needs to. I hold no brief for Fiorina, because she seems to be here mostly to tear down Hillary Clinton's accomplishments than talk up her own, which are very mixed, but good on her for aiming at the top. She at least is another outsider and business-person, which might make some of her criticisms stick. Kasich was good. In the undercard--I thought Perry almost recovered from the last time he ran. I think the undercard was actually more interesting than the main event, in that it was a little more about issues than egos.

But all things considered, I think a lot of people watched the second debate--the FOX top ten, because of Trump. I don't think anyone watched that and were much edified about our democratic process. Actually, I think a drinking game would be the best and worst and only way to properly address it. And yet, these are our real options. We have to think people like Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz are real. I just...I mean...I've watched them, but...I dunno if I can.

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