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Friday, August 21, 2015

Here's What Happened at Gov. Bobby Jindal's House

So, we all know that Governor Bobby Jindal resides in the Governor's mansion there in Louisiana, right? Well, he used the lawn of his residence to counter a protest of about fifty Planned Parenthood supporters with a big screen showing the Planned Parenthood hoax videos--which I think sounds like one hell of a stunt.

Wait a minute, you might say, hoax videos? Why would he be showing those on the lawn of the Governor's mansion in Louisiana which is paid for by the taxpayers there?

Well, it's a funny old thing. It looks to me like people who knew very well what the fetal tissue donation situation was, set up false companies to try and tip-toe representatives from Planned Parenthood into saying things that sounded incriminating for the skullguggerous purpose of killing it. That's how it looks to anyone who really looked into it.

As it happens, so far, several states that lodged investigations into Planned Parenthood on the basis of these videos, have determined that there was no there, there. It turns out that use of fetal tissue has been very positive for medical science.

These videos--not so much. They've lead to pointless, taxpayer-money wasting investigations and in some cases, the taking away of dollars from treating patients for fairly routine Planned Parenthood services that have nothing to do with abortion at all. As 97% of Planned Parenthood services are non-abortion related.

So, for the benefit of turning away about 50 protestors, Gov. Jindal showed videos that these activists were probably already aware were fake and stupid. The same videos that he used to justify "defunding Planned Parenthood" by withdrawing Medicaid funds to PP--in other words, refusing to pay for services for people needing medical care that was explicitly not abortion-related. The same videos that did sneaky-ass stuff like selective edits and sins of omission and using the pictures of stillborn babies that weren't even aborted at all. Which is deceitful, opportunistic and disgraceful.

And this is how Governor Bobby Jindal uses the lawn of his house--the Louisiana taxpayers' house--to pull a highly partisan and not entirely truthful stunt that probably has more than a little to do with his so-called presidential campaign, and falsely continues to justify his failure to support the health care needs of Louisiana citizens.

Yeah, that's not some desperate signifying bullshit. Nice campaign for president you're having, Bobby Jindal! I hope the good folks of Louisiana don't mind how you're using them for it!


Vixen Strangely said...

Gonna point out I lie--and I actually do think the people of Louisiana should judge him on that very thing-if you did not already guess my meaning.

mikey said...


Benghazi was a fairly routine black swan event where local violence overran a CIA station in one of the world's hotspots. Nothing untoward or criminal happened - just a small, violent tragedy.

The email server was legal, and in context and precedent not at all unusual. No crimes were committed, no classified information was released, nothing even remotely noteworthy actually occurred.

The infamous '24 days' delay in inspections is likewise a manufactured construct. If you take every possible delay and bureaucratic scheduling function written into the agreement, you get 24 days. But a LOT of unlikely things would have to happen for it to take even that long, and it's worth noting that what inspectors will be looking for is traces of particular forms of radiation, traces that last thousands of years.

So yeah - Planned Parenthood has been selling fetal tissue into the research channel for years - at prices designed to cover their internal cost, not to make a profit. It's completely legal and critically important source to the research community. And oh, by the way - because it seems get overlooked an awful lot - abortion is legal in all 50 states and has been for nearly fifty years.

mikey said...

Interesting that they have to make stuff up to get outraged about. Almost as if they had no real policy agenda they can talk about...