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Friday, July 24, 2015

I Know I've Been Here Before

Unbelievable as it seems, there has been 204 shootings in the last 204 days. That's an awful lot of pathology in our society to think about--and wouldn't you know it, a lot of people don't. But sometimes a certain glaring coincidence stares out at me during these different events--

John Russel "Rusty" Houser, aged 59, has been described as a drifter, former entrepreneur, mentally unstable, and was alleged to have engaged in domestic violence. He was also a fan of Hitler, the Tea Party, and Westboro Baptist Church.

But what stands out to me is that the guy was apparently an avowed anti-feminist, and was actually brought on tv to espouse his radical views because it was edgy and people would watch. And that might seem like entertainment, until our man decides to stand up in the middle of a feminist-themed rom com and shoot people, killing two women, and injuring nine other people. A movie where one would expect to see a number of women movie-goers?

So, he expressed anti-woman views, and then acted on them. Because those ideas were still considered in the realm of discussion. As if we can't separate violent or hateful words against women, with the idea that someone might carry through with them.

My thoughts are with the people in Louisiana and the families and loved ones of the victims. I just think someone should have had a closer eye on this angry man.

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mikey said...

Accidentally. Like a martyr.
The hurt gets worse.
And the heart gets harder.
--Warren Zevon