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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Her Name Was Sandra Bland

The death of this woman has haunted me, because I know she knew her rights and was aware of the ways in which an experience with law enforcement could go bad but the video of the confrontation leading up to her arrest (even if apparently edited)is just as bad as one might expect.

UPDATED: The original Youtude embed was pulled, so I've replaced it with the current copy. That the original copy appeared so glitchy raised an awful lot of questions. But there are more inconsistencies for people to pore over, here. And I have a feeling that the conversation will fall into familiar patterns. The idea that this was a "good stop" is questionable; it looks like she moved out of the police vehicle's way and this was the reason she changed lanes. This could have been a verbal warning, and the officer seems to have escalated the confrontation. She had reason not to happy about it, and the force used by the officer was simply not acceptable. This doesn't indicate at all what happened after she was in custody, but gives credibility to the idea that she was not treated with any respect, and that the safety of her body was not any major concern to law enforcement.

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