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Monday, June 15, 2015

Jeb! Same as He Ever Was!

I think the funniest thing about Jeb Bush's logo isn't that he basically recycled the same logo he was using in 1994 in his unsuccessful bid for Florida Governor, but that the reason he seems to have done so is more or less the same: in 1994, he was running for political office pretty much right after his father's 1992 loss to Bill Clinton. In 2016, he's still got to contend with his brother's legacy (although he does not mind having many of the same advisors on his campaign). So instead of "Bush!", we've got "Jeb!"

("Jeb!" stands for "John Ellis Bush--the last part is silent!")

It's kind of bananas that he has a problem with name recognition--usually, name recognition is a good thing. People aren't necessarily that attentive to the news, so if they've heard of you in one way or another, it usually goes in the plus column for you.

But just as a refresher, this particular Jeb Bush believed that a woman should get off welfare by marrying up some man to take care of her, that unwed mothers should be publically shamed by having their sexual histories broadcast, that the fetus of a disabled rape victim required a guardian an advocate, that the rights of some voters to be more valid than others, that drug testing welfare recipients is effective, that a simple matter of death with dignity is ripe for turning into a into a full-fledged circus, and that he really likes the works of Charles Murray, who is best known for a certain work that came out in 1994.

But sure, what the heck. The real problem with him is his name is Bush.

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