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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Dylann Storm Roof is A Terrorist

Nine people died in a massacre that was horrifically out of place--a young white male opened fire on a mid-week prayer meeting at an historic AME church, explicitly saying for the benefit of the person he left alive, that he had to commit these murders because "You rape our women and you're taking over our country."

That's quite an assertion to unload at prayer meeting. "You rape our women", Dylann Roof told a group that was mostly church-going women, an allegation against black people reminiscent of D.W. Griffith's 100 year old pioneering film, Birth of a Nation, "and you're taking over our country." 

Although the shooting took place in a church, I don't see a lot of reason to consider this an attack "on religion" or "religious liberty".  This young man, who is seen in the above picture in a jacket adorned with patches showing the flags of apartheid-era South Africa and Rhodesia, is broadcasting fairly undiluted anti-black racism and white supremacy. Not acknowledging the ideology of the shooter might seem like not giving his pernicious creed any more mileage than it deserves, but I think it's wrong to try and smooth this act of terror over with a sin of omission in denying its racist component, and yet more wrong to hijack this tragedy to try and serve some trumped-up idea that it's part of some larger war on "churches" or "religious people".

This bowl-cutted blond-haired boy didn't head down to the church nearest his house and voice words of disagreement with the fucking Nicene Creed. He didn't seek out an historic African-American Church to perform his terrorism because he didn't want people to go to church--he went there to kill black people. One of his associates has said he actually did talk about race and civil war (although it's a fine time for him to be bringing this up just now, after the fact, right?)

This is an example of how racism isn't really over. It exists, in a virulent enough form  to screw over the pea-brain of a prescription-drug-headed fool. Because it exists, nine good people have had their lives brutally stolen from them--and from us, from people who benefitted by positive, community-oriented souls like them being in the world.

My thoughts are with the family and community of the slain. My concern is calling this tragedy what it is and to describe the sick illogic and fatal stupidity of race-hate for the nonsense it is. This young man attacked this particular church because he wanted to make a lesson for black people to fear--if that isn't terrorism, and hate, I don't know what to call it.

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Formerly Amhert said...

Hi Vixen, let me just briefly tell you that the victims of this shooting are being well taken care of. They will have to undergo a period of consolation and rest that would not be necessary had they died a natural death. Deliverers were on the scene before the shooting actually took place, in preparation for assisting the process of becoming discarnate.

The florist who tailed the perpetrator and was so fervently Christian described her end of the psychic process that led her to understand the perpetrator was influenced heavily by evil. There are many venues by which psychic faculties can express themselves. And most of the time people having these premonitions do not think of the process as psychic, but simply that they had a “hunch” or “strong feeling” and that was part of this woman's experience. She fervently and devotedly is a Christian, and the mechanisms enacted by prayer, faith, and devotion draw one closer to spiritual sources.

One of the problems that permeate our society today is that materialism has become so pervasive (the Kali Yuga) that it completely eliminates the awareness that our material level is completely contingent on deeper, non-tangible levels. This puts us into the predicament of constantly trying to solve problems on the level of the problems instead of being able to transition to the level of causes.

Now normally most humans are protected to a large extent from inimical forces by the fine mesh surrounding them sometimes called the aura. This aura has a component that is reflective of a number of different vehicles, for example, the the etheric and astral, to use the simplified Theosophical terms.

Interestingly, the aura is a more or less proven fact, because a researcher named Kirlian developed a device for photographing it. He was actually trying to find a way to diagnose a particular disease. In the process he developed a method for photographing the aura. However, by the time he developed the device, an easier way had been discovered for diagnosis. (You can read about his work in Walter J Kilner's The Human Aura.) And of course this was simply in confirmation of what estoericists had known for years.

The human aura acts as protection against lower forces. However, various drugs dislocate the aura and make an individual susceptible to influences of a malevolent nature. Other activity can also do injury to the aura and increase susceptibility.

Just as illustration, an alcoholic can be surrounded by discarnate alcoholics constantly trying to push the living alcoholic into drinking so they can have the vicarious experience of their addiction. When this goes on for a while it causes what we call 'larvae' in the aura which grow and intensify the need to take a drink. A clairvoyant can sometimes see incredibly ugly entities leeching off the aura of the alcoholic whose addiction to booze has removed his natural protections. When clairvoyants go into insane asylums, they can see some number of patients who are possessed in the classic sense.

The discarnate alcoholic, after created a festering malevolence in the aura of the subject, can act as a resonance that attracts organized evil into someone who can act as a material basis through his behavior for the intentions of that organized evil: the qlippoth.

This is a very brief summation of how these things can operate. It is very difficult to counter all these possibilities when the counter-initiation has dragged us down to the point where very few people believe the materialist world is contingent on deeper levels of time and wavelength. If you are not an initiate, the best thing you can do for the victims is to pray for them. And the best thing you can do for the world is to stop pouring toxicity into the culture and pray, not for an ideological position (which is often another vehicle for bad stuff), but for higher principles like peace and harmony for mankind. Should a reader happen to be an initiate, then obviously other possibilities arise.