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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Another Blogger has Been Killed In Bangladesh

In a disturbing event, another freethought blogger, Washiqur Rahman, has been killed in Bangladesh, following on the bloody slaying of Avijit Roy.  It seems like there may be simply a hitlist for bloggers, where people strike out at these writers not because they are personally offended by their work, but because they were told to.

If I could find something more offensive, intellectually, than a pack of knee-jerk radical fundamentalists brutally hacking a living, thinking, human being to death because they found what he said offensive--not anything he did or bade others to do, just his ideas, then, I would consider that to be a pack of knee-jerk fundamentalists brutally hacking a living, thinking human being to death because they had no more wit than to find him offensive because they were assured he was--without having consulted his supposed "offensive" works at all.

Call me funny that way--if I have to hate someone enough to hack them until their own family can just about identify the puzzle of parts they've been presented with, I would very much like to see the offending material myself. Hacking someone to death because they wrote stuff, sight unseen, sounds just an awful lot like being no more than an appendage to another person's bile--just an organ twitching in sympathy with someone else's deranged hormones. A killbot. A drone.

The killers should be treated as if they were more than "bad code" of course. It gives them the benefit of the humanity they didn't bother to use.


Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Events like this are what drive me up a tree when I contemplate a "Westerner" trying to dismantle our secular society. They really want a race to the bottom.

Vixen Strangely said...

I have more to say about the damage I see happening to our western secularism from folks like Mike Pence and the probable 2016 Goat Rodeo contestants--but when someone like Rick Santorum insists that the separation of church and state is "communist" (which he sure did, and in my universe's timeline, Jefferson came before Marx and certainly did advocate a separation of church and state) or Mike Huckabee states that "the gays" are trying to destroy all the churches (All the churches? but then there wouldn't be choir or Christmas pageants! Basically, he's erasing all the gay-friendly churches. Because liberal Christians don't count, either.)they are basically advocating the necessity of religion being imposed on secular spaces and secular-oriented people--and even dominant religion over minority-religious people. The overlap with their intentions and, say, Wahhabism, doesn't occur to them.