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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Climate Sunday: Il Mio Papa

So, I don't know why I think a speech of some kind regarding climate change, coming from this Pope, should mean something that might affect change, but why not? It isn't impossible that a person of influence might set events in motion--so let's say that the main man of the Vatican has a little spiritual pull.

I don't know what that does. But then again, I don't know what my blogging does. I try to, more Sundays than not, remind people we live on a planet of finite resources which is subject to the forces of entropy, and can experience remarkable degradation from our current capitalist carbon-centered activities. If the Pope also, some Sundays, wants to speak on behalf of the planet we all live on, then I welcome his presence in this very important discussion.

He seems like a nice and smart person. I am interested to hear what he will say. It may differ from my perspective, but if he is in favor of not spreading pollution where we eat and drink and try to breathe, he is practical and I'd say, doing it right.

It isn't bad to have religious support for environmentalism. In any event, good stewardship of the planet makes more sense to me, spiritually, than being anti-environment.

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