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Friday, December 19, 2014

This One was For the Ladies

So, what happens when the President calls on journalists that just happen to be the people in the dedicated presidential press-pool who haven't really been called on the most--and they all happen to be female?

Weird, right?

So, like, if only men got called, this wouldn't even be a thing. It would be a regular day. Only men got called--mostly representative of the press pool. No cause for alarm.

But only women get to ask questions--BFD!

Since I think most of us wimmen-folk have similar concerns to men-folk, I will say this is just a cool way of reminding that reporting is a job we can thankyouverymuch do just as well. But it was also a nice backhand at the institutions that tend to consider female reporters as "distaff": rather than serious journos, and don't give sweet presidential coverage spots to women. Because really--asking questions? Not really a gendered activity, is it?  I know I have questions.

Anyway--yay, brief moment of singled-out equality-ishness! And that actually is, however backhanded, my positive spin on it.

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Tengrain said...

I'm sort of ashamed I never noticed the gender of the reporters, usually I was so busy laughing at the inane questions. Helen Thomas excepted.