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Sunday, November 16, 2014

The G20 Summit Summed Up

Right about now, I'm thinking I might like to be a world leader of some kind if it means I get to cuddle actual koalas. They are, in a word, adorable. But then there's Putin.

His koala looks a bit skeert.

I don't think his struggling koala is why he left early though. There was some world leader drama, there, people.  The UK's David Cameron particularly got up in Putin's grill.

I sort of would have wanted to be a fly on the wall.


Formerly Amherst said...

Hi Vixen, speaking as a fourth-wave news observer (in the fourth wave, we pay no attention to news and try to pretend that the rest of the world does not exist), I found it discouraging to see that Vladimir Putin (incidentally, I'm in as good a shape as Putin) did not feel that he could go to the Australian summit without 4 warships in tow. I believe Prime Minister Cameron made some rather satirical remarks about the 4 warships, which may have caused Vladimir to leave the summit in a huff.

I suspect that Vladimir and some other global bad guys are responding to a vacuum of power. Someone once said that the perception of weakness is provocative.

The koala bear reminds me that the graceful and lovely Alicia and I have discovered a higher form of life. No, I don't mean the grays with their incessant and obsessive interest in proctology.

I am speaking of the fixed male cat. We have discovered that when a male cat is relieved of the burden of his sexual activity, his IQ jumps about 50 points. The fixed male cat becomes more of a gentleman, more considerate of everyone's feelings, more diplomatic, and on a good day could probably beat you at chess. I mean the leap in intelligence is palpable.

The benefits of fixing the male cat are so prodigious that the lovely and gracious Alicia and i have discussed me having it done. Maybe we should all have it done. (It strikes me that this is a dangerous confession on a feminist web site. I've known some Lesbians who would gladly relieve all male citizens of the phallic burden.)

Seriously, the transformation of a fixed male cat is an observation that has not made it into the popular culture, but is nonetheless true and remarkable.

(Vixen, I have a part 2 on our discussion of why Qaballistically evil necessarily exists in time and space, but that post is about to go off the page. Would you like for me to advance these ideas someplace? It's really more encouraging news than my previous comment. My hope is that there are some people out there interested in the discussions we have. You know, it is very rare for people to get a seriously deep-insider perspective about these metaphysical matters.)

Vixen Strangely said...

I think as the world gets more complex (entropy increases!) the idea of real power (influence) is subordinated to trying to create the perception of power. That's what I think ISIL (in the post I just dropped) is mostly trying to do. I think Putin is also trying to project power (sometimes in amusing ways--posing shirtless with wild animals and whatnot.) I think what Cameron did in pointing out that Putin is safe without his warships was an especially British sort of call-out. Putin's got warships and fighter planes and this Ukraine thing, but what Cameron did was subtly/not so subtly imply- "Yes, you are a big man, aren't you?"--and without his warships and fighter planes and Ukraine drama--he was not so much.

Putin can throw away his sunglasses, because he has been properly shaded.

Dogs must be different from cats. My parent's first dog tried to jump up to reach a lightswitch before they took him for surgery because he put two-and-two together that the little pushy-bit made the lights go on. Never tried it after--like he forgot and couldn't put two-and two together again. Or he realized he was too short. He *was* a pretty clever dog.

My current post on ISIL touches on nihilism and evil--I usually try to think people do things for reasons, but I have a feeling that there may just be groups that have a penchant for evil. If the topic is a good launching point, maybe it is apropos to consider the Kabbalistic conversation continued there? I am fascinated to read a Kabbalistic rumination on the existence of evil because a lot of apologetics seem to miss the mark--in a materialist world, we are dealing with a harm principal subject to cause and effect. It has struck me, after dropping faith as such, that looking at cause and volition as the basis for the existence of bad outcomes sidesteps considering who set up the field for foul play in the first place, and places all the emphasis on the wrong-doer.

But my liberalism and social justice background indicates to me that one who does wrong may have constraints that prevent him or her from doing right or be doing what they perceive to be right in their particular instance for a supposed "higher good". Could be casuistry on my part.

I don't know what my casual readers think about our side convos--I know I enjoy them a lot.

Formerly Amherst said...

HI Vixen, I don't think the part 2 I had in mind would be appropriate for your ISIS post. You may recall that I spoke of the flesh envelope that has a lifespan of under 100 years. This is true, but only up to a point.

Actually, in the Qaballah the physical body is called the Guf and in the Vedas it is the same as the 'food body' (they call them sheaths) referred to as the Annamaya-koia, and this is the only body that is locked into time-space. Perhaps a part of the Nephesh or the Pranamaya-koia is also locked into time-space. Beyond that we are dealing with conditions outside of time and space, eventually being entirely related to Eternity.

And I wanted to discuss all of this because it shows a direction in which a way out of the time-space continuum is possible. You know, Vixen, today the fashionable way in the sort-of New Age community (I'm in the old one) refers to us as being multi-dimensional beings, and these sheaths or bodies work in some of these dimensions.

There is a very interesting development that is part of the organized system, an intentional glitch, a pre-planning in the architecture, in the Ruach or the Manomaya-koia, that is entirely responsible for the reason that we do not consciously have access to an awareness of our higher life. It's a fascinating but little-known, and yet highly important, feature of our psycho-anatomy. (As a matter of fact, I have to do a 3-hour lecture and workshop in respect to this subject to the outer court in a few weeks.)

Because of that glitch that I will try to explain sometime, we are under the illusion that we are bound by time and space when actually we have a presence in dimensions all the way to unity with the divine nature of the universe.

Unfortunately, it would be off-topic to go into this as a comment on your post about ISIS, because it's not so much about evil but how humans transcend evil and can move out of the range of evil.