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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Iran is A Country With Which We Might Have Shared Interests

Good God, Sarah Palin! Did you know that there were contacts between Sainted Ronaldus Maximus and the Persian Menace?  The trading arms for hostages kind?

She realizes, does she not, that Iran shares an enemy with the US in ISIL--which is a vicious terrorist organization that no one should support, right? She doesn't think we should appease ISIL by cutting out their enemy, Iran, from our joint operations against them?

If she even knows where these countries are, or who these people are. A brainiac she isn't.

I'm just saying. She pals around with Alaskan separatists, John McCain pals around with who knows who in Libya or Syria, eh? Some of my ancestors felt some kind of way about sassanach. But no, the actual country of Iran isn't quite the same thing as terrorists at the moment. Because real terrorists are beheading Christians and Yazidis and all them in Northern Iraq. I can stand with even Iran to deal with the likes of them.

Is she trying to be some kind of ISIL-lover? I can't even...


mikey said...

Well, maybe. But I'm not sure what makes IS an American enemy in the way a radical murderous fundamentalist Wahabi Sunni offshoot organization is a threat to Shiite Iran.

And for America, much as the odious GW Bush co-opted American anger and fear over the 9/11 attacks, factions have been exploiting the Iran hostage crisis for decades. And most of what makes Iran an American adversary state is the fact that when it became apparent that Fatah and the Palestinians were not a believable existential threat to Israel, the Israeli political right merely shifted to point that same finger at Iran. You'll note they've been telling us that Iran is within six months of building a nuclear weapon for twenty years. Even as under the NPT the Iranians have never been caught diverting fissile material to weapons programs. Unlike the Israelis, who partnered with the worst regime in the world, the Apartheid White South African government to develop nuclear weapons based on designs stolen from her ostensible ally the Americans.

Altogether a chimera, and ridiculous diversion of time and effort. I am glad that it looks like we'll get a nuclear agreement in exchange for reducing or eliminating the sanctions this month. Lots of tantrums to be expected, all from liars and war mongers. It will make me smile...

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

What mikey said.