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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Hey, Did you Hear the One about Condoleeza Rice Supporting Joni Ernst?

This funny thing is that this is a thing that happened.

Joni Ernst thinks her gun is for when the government decides to rob her of her freedoms. Because government, which she is all about being part of, is going to for some reason take her rights and make her shoot it. "Die, government, die," she'll say.

She's swallowed the Agenda 21 Kool-Aid, as if eminent domain wouldn't be used to make folks shift if a pipeline or something else lucrative and private sector was wanted under the right sort of government. (This page on foreign policy, though--she isn't the worst. It's pretty reasoned. But oh--those other things. And if Condi likes Ernst's FP, now I wonder...)

I dunno. Ernst comes off like another Akin in some ways. But Rice is probably not in the running for anything herself, and so if she thinks Enrst is a great candidate, she has no reason to worry if we're all silently (and not-so-silently) judging her now.

Anyone know whether Brent Scowcroft has something to say about her?

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