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Friday, October 3, 2014

Bearing False Witness to History

The ony currently valid way to display a Confederate Flag.  On a doofus.
Students, teachers, parents and other concerned community members turned out to protest what I'd call a value-subtracted, controversy-redacted version of American History. They want to be engaged, not indoctrinated. They want to learn, not be dictated to. They want to think, not have their lesson plans so curated that they have only so much to think about.

There's a problem with conservatism and history and the study thereof. Here's an example:

The "more perfect union" of the seccessionists was one where the property rights to own other human beings was accepted. They were pissed that the President might not think they had a right to own human beings and use their labor for profit, because using other human beings for profit might have been seen as wrong by that frigging guy. The Civil War resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths of American people, all because the Seccessionists still very much wanted to hold other human beings in bondage. It is a fact. It is unpleasant, but factual things can be unpleasant. If a person has cancer, it is unpleasant, but the sheer unpleasantness of it doesn't make it less true.

So when a cheapjack intellectual coward like Ben Carson who might even know better says some bullshit like learning history acording to the AP standards might make someone join ISIS?

I could be sick over the implications. I learned real history in AP History class and did not become anti-American. Charades isn't history. Beating around the bush doesn't teach people anything. We are living in the world fashioned by our history--the postive and the negative. We learn it, and we forget it at a greivous cost, Forgetting about slavery is like forgetting why the Civil War, which is like ignoring why Reconstruction, which is like forgiving Jim Crow and letting the Tenth Amendment overrule the Thirteenth. Aaaannd the Fourteenth.

We don't need a Potemkin "more perfect union" in our past. We should be continuously working for a more perfect union so that the arc of history continues to bend towards justice in our future. Not letting students of history see how we got here is so unfair. Because we are now living in the world that real history made.

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