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Monday, August 4, 2014

Nattering Nabob of Nepotism Pans Prez, Touts Torture

I've long been astounded at the utter cheek of the Cheney family with respects to their rather vocal defense of what was, actually, some entirely immoral and vicious activity in the name of "defense of country". This current report regarding the torture of "some folks" that President Obama is speaking of is the result of an investigation in the use of so-called "enhanced interrogation techniques", and is not just Obama out of the blue slamming the previous administration as some kind of a blind for any current activity. Concerned people have been looking into the matter of torture and murder carried out by the Bush Administration since well before Obama ever took office. I myself have blogged about it extensively.  More prolific and high-profile bloggers like Andrew Sullivan have made a point of acknowledging and recording the multiple inquiries, official and journalistic, into what had been done by the previous administration in our name. And revisiting them again and again. Because it is moral to love this country and do so.

Here's the thing--Obama never said the people who engaged in the atrocities from Bagram to Guantanamo to Abu Graib, weren't patriots.  He said they were scared, and that almost gives some of them an excuse. You can be very patriotic, and still stain your shorts over the idea of multiple American deaths because why not? Who wants to see their fellow citizens blown up or sickened by some terrorist plot? No one, madam! But when push comes to shove, we've either got certain values about how we treat human beings, or we don't. And let the record show, there has been extensive documentation of what occurred, and extensive verification of attempts by administration officials to pretend it wasn't so bad.  Really. John Yoo might not have been able to answer whether it would ever be right for a president to order a toddler's testes be smashed,  because a knee-jerk assumption that anything was necessary to keep us "safe" pertained and poisoned everything.  I still insist Jay Bybee should be impeached from his ninth district bench because of his draft of the torture memos as part of the OLC.

So what do I make of Dick Cheney's Little Deferment when she insists that this dreadful claim has no merit and Obama is just making up some shit?

I recall that if she were not her father's child, she would perforce, be a Century 21 rep in Casper, or better acquainted with cleaning trout than I would suppose her to be currently. She has loyalty to her father for making her, but she is loyal to a fault, if not loyal to a war crime. And what she says is sad, and I am sorry major news bureaus even think her opinion should be treated at face value.

She thinks torture is okay because her Daddy did it. I am sad for her filial devotion. But she is a grown woman and follows in his wretched footsteps. And that much is appalling.

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