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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Ferguson has Gone Haywire

I don't have anything to add. Things are happening but the point is, a young man was killed, there was a protest, the county is two thirds African-American but the cops are like 90-something percent white. The vigil wasn't exactly a protest until it was met with a police presence. And yes, there is a reason to resent a police presence in a space where people are mourning the death of someone by police.

Maybe angry people will do senseless stuff, but it does not change whether what happened was wrong. And I am not going to sit here and judge how a community is supposed to act when something like this happens. I don't know all the history of this community's experience with their police force prior to this incident. But I have some inferences I can make from statistics about police brutality, convictions, the carceralization of black people everywhere. I have anecdotal evidence. And if Ferguson is not stable--it is because the police did more than they needed to and way less then their jobs.

Right now they are using tear gas and rubber bullets on regular mad people who just want a fair investigation into why this young man died. What they want is reasonable and their unarmed protest is just freedom of speech.

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