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Thursday, August 14, 2014

A change is gonna come

I'd like to think the tide is turned in terms of how LE will be dealing with the protesters in Ferguson now that MO Highway Patrol Capt. Ronald Johnson has been put in charge and is talking with the people and relating to them like people. (This isn't how I would necessarily describe the previous strategy.)

How people are treated has a lot to do with what you get from them. If you lock down and pen in and abuse people, they will go off. Right now, there are numerous protests all over the US in support of justice for Michael Brown.  Learning nothing from fucking up patrolling Occupy, NYPD threatens to fuck up a peace rally patrol.  Seriously--how do you fuck up a peace patrol, says I, a person living in a city where a peace concert naturally had a killing.

Shit is probably fucked up all over, I, being reasonable, admit. But we can all work at it being less fucked, maybe? (Like, once upon a time, shit was so fucked up in my city that a black mayor and a black police commissioner actually dropped bombs on a neighborhood predominantly of color. That should seem nuts. But it is history.)

Look, I want justice all the time. I see something going wrong with our justice system.  There is bias, and I don't care for it. I see black leadership of the LE in Ferguson as a solution to the problem, and think things might have reason to improve.

I hope  I'm right.

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