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Monday, July 7, 2014

Drone on, you crazy diamond.

I don't know why the reporting on Texas Governor Rick Perry's complaint regarding the insufficiency of the Obama Administration's border security misses an important detail--but it sure seems to.

See it is pretty interesting that Governor Perry wants there to be drones at the US/Mexico border, and it's very true that he's been saying so since 2010. In fact, it was a thing he mentioned a handful of times when he was running in the 2012 presidential primary.  But the thing of it is--we have drones at the border. We have had them. Since 2010.  We've been increasing the use of them, too.

Now, it is true that we use them pretty much for surveillance and not as a "deterrent", but I'm not sure what Perry is saying we should be doing that's different. They are Predator drones. They are the same equipment we've been icing terrorists with. I guess we could have more of them.  In a small way, I know that if we used a drone to fire on a drug cartel member, I would personally probably be pretty much as tear-free as a baby shampoo ad.

But the thing of it is--we do actually have drones at the US/Mexico border. We've had them since 2010. Thus far, they haven't really been a deterrent, as such. And I tend to think that if we fired on unaccompanied minors on the Mexico side, we'd have something of an international incident, so that can't possibly the kind of deterrent Rick Perry is talking about.

I sure wish I knew what he meant. I'm not entirely sure he knows what he means, though, so that's pretty even.

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Formerly Amherst said...

Hi Vixen, it would be premature to discuss enforcement mechanisms without a thorough understanding of the existential threat to the United States represented by multi-billion dollar TOC, militarily trained, with staging areas in many different theaters of operation.