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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Privileged Ass Paul Ryan Decries Lazy Inner City Men

It's reaaaaallly unfair to categorize Rep. Paul Ryan (R) as a racist just because he endorses the studies of the basically white supremacist "scholar" Charles Murray, who is to race relations something like what Regnerus is to gay studies. (I am not even fooling with calling Murray a "white nationalist", even if I get that he's calling whites the real Americans. His line of inquiry seems to be why aren't ahem "other people" experiencing what white folks do and his results are predictably in line with the bias of the question.)  What I would say is that Ryan will use anything he finds to demolish any economic program servicing the poor whether it serves black, white, or tangerine people, because he thinks "poor" is a moral value. A bad one. If you are poor, you are bad and you should feel bad. It isn't about the color of anything but your money.

This is disgusting, though. It's like calling "health" a moral value and saying that people with any physical condition short of perfectly fit are bad and should feel bad. Cancer? Heart disease? Bad case of the old and ricketies? Ah, you should have thought of that before you had a fallible physical body, you shirking lazy bastard. So, sick? It's quite on you. Poor--that's you, too.

And if you are disadvantaged and tend demographically to be poorer, like "inner city" or is that "urban" or do we completely have your number, Rep. Ryan and can go ahead and say "black" people? Why, then, Rep. Ryan is fully on board with saying that the existence of the social safety net such as it is provides a disincentive to work! A hammock, if you will.

But you know what I think is the real disincentive? Work that doesn't pay. "Education" that doesn't educate. Our failure to translate the language of opportunity into applicability for young people who would succeed if they were shown ways to triumph instead of being chastised.

I dunno. There's a lot of benefits of society poured into Paul Ryan, and this is where his thought process leads him? He's swinging on a little net called privilege that doesn't ask him to try any harder to figure out how to rectify a troubled world. I can't say I am therefore rooting for his success. From those to whom much was given, should much be expected? Waiting.

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