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Monday, January 6, 2014

Come for the Carpetbagging, Stay for the Fishing

On the campaign stump, Liz Cheney performs "The Robot".
Sadly, it appears that the bid for US senator from Wyoming of torture apologist and nattering nabob of nepotism, Liz Cheney, may be drawing to a close.  It's really quite unfortunate that a campaign that featured a massive rift between herself and her sister and sister-in-law over the validity of their marriage, an apparent break in the friendship between Darth Former Vice-President Dick Cheney and Senator Mike Enzi,  the payment of a fine over a fraudulently-completed application for a fishing license, and the revelation that Mr. Liz Cheney was registered to vote in two, count them, two states,  (which is certainly the sort of thing that can happen if you are a resident of... wherever you say you are)--was all for naught.

But let's look for silver linings, shall we? Now that Liz Cheney has settled in the lovely state of Wyoming, she can spend time getting to know people and making herself some friends, possibly bonding over casting lines and hoisting brewskis. It might just be that she is what we would call an "acquired taste" and the good folks of Wyoming haven't had ample enough opportunity to, um, acquire a taste for her. (I know I never have.)

Now admittedly, they might never warm to her (although pitchforks and torches may be involved at some point down the line) and taking up full-time residence in Wyoming may cut into her television appearances shilling for neoconservative foreign policy ideas she learned at daddy's knee. I don't see a downside there.

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ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Cheney, like her father, is an unapologetic neoconservative who favors muscular use of American military power overseas...

A chickenhawk who supports the sacrifice of other people for corporate profits.

Satchel Pooch said...

...nattering nabob of nepotism, Liz Cheney ...

::bows deeply in your general direction::