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Friday, December 13, 2013

Who is the Ted Cruz Coloring Book *For*?

I know I'm coming a bit late to the party regarding commenting on the Ted Cruz Coloring book, but I think it's in part because it isn't really...that weird to me? To explain, when I was six (!), I was a recruit to the Kiss Army, because they were not just a band, but an obviously swag-generating operation. I saw the Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park tv movie, and decided I was going to grow up and marry Ace Frehley. I had the Colorforms. I had some trading cards. What other bands had Colorforms and trading cards? None. So who was the number one favorite of headbanging first-graders? Exactly. You have to give it up for a band that merchandises for the milk and cookie crowd, although, I admit, by Animalize my tastes had just about matured out of them.

So it goes, right?

But that leads me to the question--who is US Senator Ted Cruz to The Future for? I figure the upper age for kids who actually color is what--ten? So the kids coloring Senator Ted today would be more concerned with entering high school than voting booths when 2016 rolls around.

I know. It could just be kind of a hipster-fun thing to have a political coloring book, and I might be overthinking this a little, but I don't doubt that Cruz probably does have his sights on the White House (probably in 2016,* too) and that although he says he had no involvement with the creation of the coloring book, it definitely has the fingerprints of some "friends of Ted" (note the "Ten Commandments" branch on that tree). Am I being goofy if I think this is aimed at planting a seed with "Generation Joshua" (some of whom are definitely in the process of being softened up for the TX GOP politicians of the future)? That way, if 2016 doesn't fly, maybe 2020? 2024?

(*I know I have claimed not to be interested in talking about 2016 yet. "Consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds" and all that.)


Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

It totally looks like a spoof put out by snarky liberals.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vixen,
I am inclined to agree with Big Bastard on this occasion. I'm probably more tuned in to the Ted Cruz complement than most of my liberal friends, and this seems very uncharacteristic and probably a clever idea for satire and discrediting from the left.

--Formerly Amherst