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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Well. That was Different, Except it Wasn't.

So, a few hundred folks held a protest at the World War II memorial and then took it down to the White House because they are fighting mad about the government shutdown that the House GOP seems to be responsible for because some stuff that is part of the government actually did shut down. The very nerve! So they chanted stuff about "you work for us!" and all (because government workers do, you know, when they aren't on furlough because of a government shutdown).

They might have gotten a bit carried away when they removed some of the barriers at the WWII memorial. (Which kind of do look like bike racks, come to think of it. But really, where there's bike racks, there's bike lanes, and that's obviously an Agenda 21 plot, and that can only lead to bar codes on grannies who will be death paneled because Obama is the Antichrist. Put it together with your mind people!)  Oh and some people might say that the presence of a Confederate flag was in pretty poor taste, and speculated what that was all about. (States rights? Racism? Liberal plant?) And yeah, when Freedom Watch's Larry Klayman said that Obama should "put the Koran down" --well, that was just Sunday in the park with Larry, but you know what the highlight had to have been?

That's right. Sen. Ted Cruz and former half-term Alaska Governor Sarah Palin being there, because of course they were. They were terribly unhappy that veterans were being used as props in a political game, so why wouldn't they have been there to surround themselves with aggravated vets in order to...oh. Right.

Anyhow, I'd have more to say about it all but I got distracted because Ted Cruz is wearing Rick Perry's Brokeback jacket. See?

 So, like, I'm done here. Just. Done.

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I thought that jacket looked familiar.