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Monday, October 28, 2013

The Wall Street Journal is No Longer Trying, I See

I can completely understand how Suzanne Somers, sitcom star and Thighmaster spokesperson, can be considered an expert by The Wall Street Journal, which was, at one time, a serious news publication. She has authored a number of books about wellness issues, largely regarding the power of taking gobs of supplements. If that doesn't qualify one as having some sort of expertise these days, well, I guess that's just what comes from having things like standards. And anyhow, she isn't saying anything about the Affordable Care Act being a socialist Ponzi scheme that you couldn't get from Dr. Ben Carson
Since even an actual surgeon might be had who can eloquently diss the ACA, one wonders a bit why the actress best known as the delightfully addled Chrissy Snow from Three's Company is given valuable column inches. My best guess would be that she appeals to a certain audience that can really only be reached a certain way.

Which is a delightful thing to suppose. I am sure WSJ will do better with WND as its near competitor than, say, the Washington Post or the NYT or any of them high-brow thinky-type news publications. I always say, aim for what you can hit.

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