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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Rep. Blackburn is Asked a Perfectly Reasonable Question

The question?

“Do you hate Obamacare more than you love your country?”

She can pretend to be shocked, and even lie and say that the government shutdown, and now the looming debt ceiling crisis, were not planned and the House GOP is just shocked that anyone would accuse them of any such things (if she's genuine, she missed a few dozen meetings). But when less-polished members of the Cuckoo for Cocoapuffs Caucus get in front of a camera, they giggle like small children playing hide and seek who can't help giving themselves away. And the harm that is being done is ultimately over a lost cause. The ACA is the law. If 46 repeal attempts did not knock it down, why would Senate Dems and the President roll over for this tantrum? 

What's sadder still is that some of these people don't actually seem to understand what all the fuss is about--they just don't like being called "hostage-takers". Boo. Hoo. This is actually something I find a bit chilling, because when Speaker Boehner isn't actively working to prolong this farce, he has offerred assurances that he would not let the country default and has tried to impress this on his members. One wonders whether any of it sunk in. Did they gaze on him in mute incomprehension that they actually will not get to shoot the hostage? Which is, after all, the US economy, followed by the world economy.

I can't imagine. Maybe, if it sinks in that they will get nothing, they will remain in mute incomprehension, or lash out like mad dogs dumped at a crowded water park. And maybe the fear of being primaried by someone just a tad more sociopathic will paralyse some, mobilize others to just find a new thing to have a tantrum over.   

I do not think, however, even if they do come to some lucid moment and vote on the Senate's bill without adding dumb demands, that we should forget.  They hated Obamacare more than they cared about this country. They actively did harm by this shutdown and by even playing like defaulting was an option. And like Rep Blackburn in the above clip, just don't see why anyone would be so inappropriate as to call them on it. Don't we see? They hurt us because they love!

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