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Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Global Stakes: Climate Change

In the interest of not taking my eyes off of the usual thrust of my blog--I do want to point out that there is very good reason to believe that antagonism in Syria, as well as throughout the Middle East, is exacerbated by climate change. We live with certain conditions ingrained upon us by biology--the need for water, food, and clean air for our health and survival being chief among them. If we continue to ignore the way in which our behavior threatens access to water, food, and clean air to anyone on this planet that we share, we can only expect greater and more terrible conflicts over those very resources. I always come back to the idea of the climate refugee--if we figure in refugees of wars based in climate-related issues, and not just climate-change based disasters, we are looking at a world in upheaval. Just because those primarily affected by climate change might be at some geographic remove to ourselves is no reason to think their plight isn't ours.  It is incredibly block-headed to think that. If anyone is thinking like that--they should think better. We are beginning now to see climate change as a political/foreign policy factor. Assuring that we are limiting our carbon footprint is in the national security interest. 

Denialists? I think we should wonder why they hate America. It is decidedly unpatriotic to continue to support pollution, desertification, acid rain, and global unrest. You might as well be in favor of babies smoking. 

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Grung_e_Gene said...

Denalists support the 1%. The 1% wants no regulations on their pollution and a rollback of existing laws and organizations.

And to them the Plutocracy is America. Ergo they were doggedly pursue the interests of the Rich to the exclusion and detriment of the rest of us.