Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Thursday, September 19, 2013

How Has Uncle Sam Probed You Today?

Amazingly, a title I did not use for an NSA post.  But it fit this deeply weird anti-ACA ad:

I'm just trying to imagine the spitballing that took place when they decided on this:

"Okay, we need to make Obamacare seem invasive and wrong to the kids."
"Right, because imagine young people being able to afford seeing doctors--it just isn't right!" 
"I know! We'll appeal to young women--that's a key Obama demographic." 
"Yeah--we'll show them a war on women! But--how?" 
"Well, I hear they don't like creepy randos putting things in their lady business.  For some reason." 
"Okay--let's run with that!"
Whereas in the real world, college-age women might like to actually have neat things like ob/gyn visits. You know, especially since some people keep trying to shut Planned Parenthood and other clinics  where they can seek affordable wellness treatment.  I'd say "Nice try, weirdo conservative ad-makers," but, you know. It isn't.

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