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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Climate Sunday: For Serious--a Climate Change Hearing on My Birthday!

Okay, my environmental activism isn't all about me, unless you count the whole "supporting the well-being of the planet hosting the ecosystem in which I am even possible" thing. In which case, yeah. Totally about me. Maybe you all, secondarily. But me, me, me. So here's a neat thing I found out via the Climate Reality Project: The House of Representatives is having a hearing thingie bringing the heads of thirteen related agencies together to address, specifically, what they are doing about climate change.

I think that this is a great opportunity for some of the denialists in Congress to hear a bit of truth spoken to power. If you follow the link from Climate Reality Project, there are links for EPA and DOE to contact them via social media to let them know you want them to step correct on the environment and represent for the planet. So if you come by here for my climate posts and support the US getting a coherent and cohesive policy based on strong climate change science, I think you might want to let the relevant people know. As a sweetener--you do know you live on this planet, too? I'm just looking out for you, and okay me. Let's get the global warming message a serious hearing. And forget about it being my birthday. I am just old and would like to get older on this planet, thanks!

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