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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Damn, Internet, I Miss You When You're Gone...

You know, it seems like it was just Sunday (because it was!) that I was mentioning getting back into the swing of regular posting. I think fate saw that as a challenge, because Monday, after a long day of sitting in front of a computer, I cranked up the old laptop to enjoy my hobby of sitting in front of a computer and I discovered I was fresh out of intertubes. My DSL box had blown. I did all the resuscitate-y things, like unplugging it, letting it rest, doing the reset button thing, you know the drill, but it was to no avail. So the spouse and I called Verizon (because technical service calls go better with teamwork).

I only note the particulars because it struck me that they still ask if you turned the box off and on, unplugged it, and did the reset button thingy.  It always strikes me as a little like the AAA person asking "Is there gas in the car?" or "Did you start it in 'park'?"  Although I guess they do have to ask. Oh well. Got my new modem this evening and am hopefully will get right on top of this here blogging thing.  You know, after I've seen about a dozen YouTube videos of adorable animals I somehow missed over the last two days.


Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

It always strikes me as a little like the AAA person asking "Is there gas in the car?" or "Did you start it in 'park'?" Although I guess they do have to ask.

It's scary how many stupid people there are out there, thus necessitating these preliminaries.

Vixen Strangely said...

By way of telling a story on myself--I actually did call AAA when I couldn't start my car in my parents' driveway several years back. I had pulled in to the drive, so my car was facing the wrong way for a tow. My dad had tried to start the car and couldn't, and he and a neighbor looked under the hood--no idea what the problem was.

The gentleman who got out of the towtruck was a sizeable fellow--of the sort who, if worse came to worse, might turn the car in "The Hometeam won the Sportsball Trophy" fashion. He looked at my car, asked for the keys, and having surrounded himself in my car rather like a bear wearing a onesie, thwacked the shifter and started it in one go--it turned out my car only "looked" like it was in park. And I felt every bit as dumb as you can imagine. So, well, many stupid people plus the mostly harmless ones like me in the world is a scary thought.