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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Climate Sunday: Are Things Looking up for Political Change on the Climate Front?

I'd really like to think so. For one thing, Obama gave addressing climate change a strong mention in his inaugural address:

For another, it looks like we will see some movement on climate in congress (if movement is still a thing congress ever does) with a new task force being introduced. Also, another heartening thing is that Sen. Kerry during his confirmation hearing for Secretary of State gave a great answer regarding his views on climate change and how policy could not only address the science, but tie into jobs and investments:

(Although if I compare this to the response to climate from one of the GOP's rising stars, Sen. Marco Rubio, I wonder for the future. I really do.)

What I hope to see in the coming months and years is for politicians who support and accept the science to simply continue mentioning it as accepted science and proceed as if the denialist p.o.v. is so much bushwa. Because it is.

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