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Monday, December 10, 2012

I Wonder if Scott Brown Even Could Win Again

I followed Elizabeth Warren's campaign against Scott Brown pretty much because--wow, how not to? The Brown/Coakley match-up that put Brown in the Senate was damned depressing, and Elizabeth Warren is a justifiable liberal hero for being able to articulate a lot of the problems with our system's economic inequalities.  That made her win for that seat and her subsequent (presumed) spot on the Senate Banking Committee, as one might say, a BFD. (I have not yet fabricated my own Clinton/Warren 2016 logo--although it would be neat to have a ticket that totally reminds me of my mom. Who is an awesome progressive person when she's not also my mom.) So maybe it's petty to look at this in an over-arching way, since it's kind of a small story:

Though the election is over, Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA), who lost his Senate seat to Senator-elect Elizabeth Warren, continues to refer to Warren as "professor," Warren told the Boston Globe in an interview published Sunday. Brown referred to Warren as "professor" during the campaign, which was largely seen as an attempt to paint Warren as elitist. Warren met with Brown in his Senate office last month, she said. 
Both Warren and a Brown spokeswoman confirmed that the meeting was cordial, focusing largely on how to continue constituent services without interruption during the transition. 
            “I thought it went well,” Warren said. “I asked him a lot about the Senate, about          what he did, about what advice he had, what surprised him most.”
With a slight chuckle, she said Brown continued to address her as “professor"..,
That was something that really got on my nerves during their debates--why did he keep calling her "professor" like it was a bad thing? When I was in college, I thought my professors were great and appreciated their educational accomplishments and their decision to turn around and invest that learning right back into other people. I wondered if that was his way of saying "Not a pick-up truck person", although that's just nonsense.  PhD's can be Volvo people, pick-up people, tank people.  It's like folksy-snobbery. And it was a really rough fit with the general snide "Fauxcahontas" shit Brown and his campaign were pretty obviously on about

It's that kind of bone-headedness on Brown's part that makes me a little confident about the possibility of a John Kerry pick for Secretary of State. I agree with the suspicion that the GOP concern trolls who are scandal-baiting Susan Rice aren't just doing it because of some "Old Boy's Club" ideas about who is acceptable in that position, but because they covet the idea of getting Brown into Kerry's seat.  It's just that, the longer you pay attention to Scott Brown, the less impressed with him you actually get. In a more or less blue state, while I haven't the foggiest who the Democratic challenger would be, I just don't think it should be a given that Brown would have a nice walk back to Capitol Hill.  Sure, there's a part of me that wants someone like Barney Frank to run against him. ( Confession: I love Barney Frank.) There's also a part of me that wonders if his challenger would even have to be someone so well known.

Just sayin'.  Maybe Brown isn't getting back in the US Senate, anyway. I was kind of for Kerry as a possible SoS for Obama in 2008 since he was an early backer of Obama, and I still am pretty impressed with his credentials for the job.  Which doesn't mean at all I'm anti-Rice--I think her detractors have nothing and she'd do a great job. I'm just saying the GOP Plan B is a lot of nothing, too.  If Obama appointed Kerry, that's no reason to assume that seat goes to a Republican.

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