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Monday, December 10, 2012

A Meditation on Some Recent GOP Stuff--

Sen Jim DeMint (anti-intellectual, anti-government) is leaving government for a think-tank. This makes sense, as he has no business being part of government if he doesn't believe in it, but he does belong in a think tank if he can tank the thinking going on--

I kid. Conservative think tanks are more like alibi-shops for conservative policies; I see little moral difference between a guy who can find someone who will swear on a stack of Bibles he played pool with you all night--regardless of where you actually were, and a think tank which can cough up an economist that will swear tax cuts pay for themselves, or that cutting loopholes and raising rates will have the same numerical impact on a budget, but one option will be superior to the job-creators--which will, if nothing else, stimulate the tender emotions of the economy. If conservatism can not fail, but only be failed, in the appearance of failure, perhaps it only makes sense if some renunciations take place.

Thus, the renunciation of Freedomworks--Dick Armey marches on--or maybe it's better to say that he withholds his productivity, for which he will be rewarded to the tune of $8 mill. Is the withholding of productivity usually so well-rewarded? For the sake of the tender ideologies of the whole tea-service, one should think not! Go Galt, or go home, you Penile Militia!

Also, there is the renunciation of Mitch McConnell for his odd notion that Democrats don't actually mean things they say, which had him filibustering himself this past week. This also made the case for filibuster reform. By being the example that proves everything that's wrong with today's Republican Party, McConnell deserves some kind of special award, but we're just waiting for him to award it to himself.

And then there is the current House Republicans--and the vague possibility they might consider dumping current House Speaker John Boehner in another renunciation of sorts. Not for not doing his job. No. For actually sort of doing it. It's not the party's concern, after all, whether he can steer them across the fiscal cliff--it's whether he can seriously articulate the current conservative well-staked position of "to be announced". In other words, sucks to be him. Like it sucks to be Mitch McConnell when he didn't necessarily plan for a second Obama term, or to be DeMint where a filibuster reform and the death of the Tea Party looked surer, or even Dick Armey when the grift got too old--or he got too old for the grift.

Just things I've been thinking about--this week.

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Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

The tragedy is that conservative "think tanks" are the sources of eventual Democratic policies: Obamacare, Cap-n-Trade...