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Friday, November 30, 2012

In Which I Help Sen Minority Leader Mitch McConnell Out With a Thing

It is understood that the debt ceiling debate has resumed anew, this time with the so-called fiscal cliff upon us--a stage at which a very drastic deficit and debt-reducing series of budget cuts and tax raises will go into effect. It has been reported that Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell actually laughed aloud at the proposals delivered by Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner.

Those proposals included new tax revenue, the end to the disgraceful games played with the debt ceiling, and a new stimulus, which should generate growth--so--where's the funny part?  Because this is all pretty much what Obama said to expect. Did McConnell think Obama was kidding when ending the Bush tax cuts on people making more than $250K was made a part of his campaign? Does he think the economy is doing so well no stimulus is required? Does he enjoy the debt ceiling go'rounds that much?

Let me help ol' Mitch McConnell out with the message he isn't getting:

Barack Obama is not a one term president. He showed you his. Now you show yours.
See, if there is a negotiation, you have to put up. What do you want? If the status quo isn't working, and you want the status quo, you have a problem, don't you?If you want to cry "DEBT!!!!" and then not talk about revenues because the rich folks own your turkey neck, just say so.

There is no reason to think this will count against you and yours in 2014 unless this is a suicidally stupid policy. So put that up. If that's where you want to plant your sword, Horatio, and fight every last liberal and progressive and newly-born centrist on whether Joe Winecellar gets to keep his Bush tax cut vs. Joe Sixpack keeping his payroll tax cut--

You go ahead. Because that was the deal you carved out to delay this fight post 2012 elections and prior to 2014, because you really did think obstructionism would kill Obama's presidency, and it didn't and you,sir get nothing.


He doesn't have to give you shit, because he doesn't owe you shit. He can go on the road and from the bully pulpit tell eeeevverrrrrryy person you Republicans want to take away Medicare and Social Security. Because you sort of do. So if you do want to--make that your case. Tell the poor SOBs who work for a living why they have to postphone retirement, work while hurt, rusty and old, and why the government can take their payroll taxes all these years and then promise them a nice cup of Jack Diddly. Ask them to work whatever amount of years past when they wanted to retire as you think necessary to pay for what a sweeping miniscule raise on a handful of richer people who wouldn't hardly miss the money since they hardly know what to do with it besides give it to Karl Rove to piss away..would easily do and then some.

You go ahead.  Put that up, Boss. Stand as firm as your jawline didn't, and put up what you want to be your line in the sand.  What are you willing to give up?

Your seat? Because if you want to ask for Obamacare to go down, there's a bunch of young voters on their parents' insurance, a bunch of people getting coverage with pre-existing conditions who didn't get covered before, etc, who will think about that when all those provision should have kicked in--2014.

See what happened there?  But don't take it from me. I bet President Obamna could explain it better, if not as bluntly. Even if the lesson had to become a demonstration.

EDIT: Or "My Offer is nothing" which may work better.  YMMV

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Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

I don't need my "Bush tax cut". I'd rather have good infrastructure and good schools, and happily retired, well-taken-care-of seniors. I kinda sorta hope that inaction causes the nation to go over the "fiscal cliff". We should have those massive military cuts, and those big tax increases.