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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I am Concerned And Disappointed By Sen. Lindsey Graham

Just to be clear, when US Senators go concern-trolling over what an official says on a tv program, they really need to be sure that they understand the issue that they are concern-trolling about.  When someone with the gravitas of former JAG attorney Lindsey Graham puts his field expertise into the real parsing of whether UN Ambassador Rice implied that the attack on the consulate in Benghazi could have been done by extremists who joined the original spontaneous attack or maybe even included al-Qaida members as not being too unlikely was just not emphatic enough of a condemnatory, uncertain, but fuck-it-we-know-better kind of statement to make in public on a Sunday TV program where people might otherwise be influenced by more informed people like Sen. Graham and Sen. McCain--who at this point in time know one thing for sure, which is: THEY WANT ANSWERS!

I might be leaving out Sen. Kelly Ayotte because I just don't even know who the hell she is yet.  Sorry.  But seriously: who the hell is she?

I am more concerned than ever before about Sen. Lindsey Graham than I've ever been. He clearly has questions, and I for one think he needs to make his real concerns public immediately so the American people can understand exactly what he thinks went wrong. I think we need to know when he thought everything was wrong, and why he thinks it got said the wrong way it got said. I think he owes us some serious answers, because a terrible thing happened and I think that the example of Sen. Graham should be that we never forget that terrible things happen, and when questions are raised, we get answers! From him, as a responsible person! If not others!

If Senator Graham is even more disturbed than before, he needs to provide details of what disturbed him so that the American people know, for sure, why he is a disturbed person. Was he disturbed before he saw Joe Lieberman and John McCain get primaried? Is he disturbed because he thinks if he doesn't speak out about how disturbed about stuff he is--he might get primaried? Does he think he can keep this shit up for two years? If he can't, does he think anyone will remember this shit two years from now? (He's a Senator from SC. They remember seceding. Well, nothing secedes like success. Success to SC in seceding if you take Sen. Graham with you, although that isn't especially patriotic a thought is it?  So stop thinking unpatriotic thoughts about secession, then. Are we a democracy or what? #partyoflincoln).

Anyhoo, I am of the opinion that Lindsey Graham lives under a bridge and collects tolls. I say he isn't being serious, here. In other words, the boy ain't right. Maybe he should try harder at being responsible about the budget that the senate isn't the boss of, but Graham will pretend to be the Norquist-dumping semi-centrist about.

Or am I being too literal about Sen. Graham's deep concerns? Because if so, and he doesn't really have anything to say about why he's so troubled about UN Ambassador Susan Rice copying onto the official intelligence regarding the event, as would be appropriate from a security and a diplomatic view--I would have to assume he has nothing and just wants attention.

Okay. I'll pay attention.  It won't be nice attention, though.

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Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

I might be leaving out Sen. Kelly Ayotte because I just don't even know who the hell she is yet. Sorry. But seriously: who the hell is she?

Kelly Ayotte is a youngish, attractivish GOP up-and-comer. Being from New Hampshire,she was solidly in Romney's camp, having been considered a possible running mate, but she's, like, totally over him and wasn't that into him anyway.

She's largely seen as a centrist Republican, so she just might become the new Joe Lieberman. Bookmark it libs: Expect to see a lot of her on the Sunday shows in the coming years