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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I'm in Favor of a Black-out for Black Friday for Walmart

It was Black Friday 4 years ago that I noted the passing of a Walmart employee who was trampled in a Black Friday melee. Each year, similar things seem to happen, but the low compensation, bad to non-existent benefits and the general company disregard for the rights or well-being of Walmart employees, leads me to support the proposed Black Friday action to strike (even though Walmart is nonunion) and for people who support retail-worker unionization, or at least decent treatment, pay, and benefits, to avoid Walmart on that day. For a primer on how and why Walmart is a crappy business model that hurts communities, please review this,  and for an easy petition to mark your support of the Walmart walkout, you can note it here. 

Now, I know avoiding the local Walmart is easy enough for me (I live across the street from one, but I am borderline agorophobic in big shopping crowds to start with, and can reasonably attest to having other affordable options for shopping for another.) But if you at all can--march with your wallet.  Shop smart--don't shop Walmart.

(Also, to make this a definite "Know your Class War" item: consider whether Waldemort could well afford to pay its employees more.  The owners of Walmart have more wealth combined than the bottom 30% of Americans.)

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