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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Huh--It's Like John McCain isn't Actually President (Or Knowledgable about Foreign Policy, Even)

So, here's Rachel Maddow's takedown of overrated Sunday Chat Show regular foreign policy hack, Sen. John McCain and the party for which he stands:

(The takedown bit starts to kick in about 10 minutes in.)

Now, McCain is starting to back off from the Benghazi Conspiracy --but I say it isn't enough.  I agree with my Rumproast co-blogger, Bette Noir, that actually, for trying to clown the Obama Administration by smearing a good, knowledgable actual foreign policy hand, UN Ambassador Susan Rice,  he really should apologize.

Note that I with great restraint did not indicate he should FOAD, already. Although retiring might be a good plan for him, as it would have been after he lost in 2008, instead of sinking into bitter dumb-stupidness. Seriously--if McCain is so bummed he's going to be stuck with the Indian Affairs Committee, and his one "amigo", Joe Lieberman is retiring, and the other, Linsay Graham, is sure to be primaried and lose in 2014--what keeps him there? The attention? The love? The beckoning of the tv cameras that even drowned out his ability to hear when that intelligence briefing that he missed had been? Bitterness? Cluelessness? The rare properties that he, in his tenacity, shares with catpee smell on anything you've aver loved that a cat has peed on?

But let's just get down to the kicker to all this attention the Benghazi concern-trolling McCain has semi-led:

McCain has also said he would block the nomination of Rice for Secretary of State, should the President choose her, saying he would “do everything in my power to block her,” that Rice is “not qualified” for the position and that “she should have known better.” He subsequently said he would bock any nominee Obama put forward, 
But now that every angle of McCain’s attacks have been completely debunked, all he has left is to complain about not being told that intelligence officials didn’t give him this information sooner.

Huh--maybe some of that information was "need to know". As in--McCain isn't president, and he didn't need to know. Or he just couldn't be arsed to actually pay attention and find out things the old-fashiond way--by listening. In the meanwhile, he's still on record as about to disrupt Obama's important business of getting a new Secretary of State--seriously Sen. McCain? Stop all that that, thanks.

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