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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Last Night's Debate Highlight--

I'm not sure if Romney heard "Please proceed, Governor" the way he heard the clank of what he walked into when it sprung on him.

Most of my commentary is pretty much at the very excellent Rumproast Liveblog of the event, and basically, I'm all commented-out.  I know that some right-wing commenters are trying to re-write the on-the-spot factchecking, but seriously:

He called it an act of terror. So did other members of his staff. If there were any incorrect statements in the early stages of the investigation--seriously?  Is it impossible to understand that further intelligence changes previous understandings? It's just piffle. The reality is that Romney seized on the Benghazi attack and immediately tried to make it a political issue. Obama's above comment explained that that was not what he and his Administration does--but he meant that for Romney--

That's not presidential.  And I think the point was understood by many in the audience.

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Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

I'm glad to see that all of my "rope-a-dope" comments regarding Pres. Obama's debate strategy seem to have panned out. The way he allowed Romney to beat himself, it looks like he's taken a page out of Miss May Whitley's book of tricks.