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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Lemon. Wet. Good. America.

I like lemonade, and I like America. I don't like Mitt Romney all that much.  I like this glimpse of Romney's 4th of July, though:

“Happy Fourth of July!” Romney wished supporters as he  criss-crossed the street, his Secret Service agents in tow, to shake as many hands as possible. “Happy Birthday, America!” 
When one supporter yelled, “Save our spirit,” Romney responded with an emphatic “You bet!" 
“Get out and vote next year, this November, I mean!” said Romney, wiping beads of sweat off his brow. At one point, stopping to guzzle a glass of lemonade, Romney was asked how it tasted, to which he replied, “Lemon. Wet. Good." 
The parade ended in a park overlooking Lake Winnipesaukee, where Romney stood alongside New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte to make brief remarks in honor of the holiday. While Ayotte is rumored to be a vice presidential contender, members of the crowd were convinced that Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal would show up here today with Romney. Jindal, who was  in Baton Rouge,  according to an aide, did not make an appearance.

I dunno. He's just really awkward. I really think hardly anyone will vote for him next year.

Also, he may have ended up raising taxes in Massachusetts, according to him, he sort of is admitting, I guess, as in, he agrees that a mandate to have health insurance with a tax penalty is a tax raise, because he can't actually defend his own health care plan if his own party is savaging Obama's ACA.

Huh. Then he's saying he's a better fit to be president because he is just the same kind of awful?

Tax. Bad. Romney--if that's where he's going with that.

It pains me to offer Republican strategy advice, but this is quite possibly one of the dumbest messages I could imagine.  Romney spent 1994-2009 in favor of something like the insurance mandate. Now he wants to beat a Democrat who adopted his health care plan. (Seriously--see YouTube, and he was talking about health care when he ran against Kennedy for Senate.)

Meh. If Republicans cared about Romney winning, they'd give up on combating the health care plan, and pick a new scapegoat. But I don't think they do. I suspect they actually want Obama to have a second term so they have something to be against, because they just can't be for anything.

I don't suspect that, like, deep in my bones. Just sort of superficially. Mere Romnitudes deep.

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