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Monday, May 7, 2012

Romney Doesn't Win WIth the Haters, Because of Hate

(H/T Towleroad)

What have left-bloggers been saying? Well, Bryan Fischer just summed it up--Romney can't be expected to sack up against any foreign malefactor because he's sackless in the face of Fringy McWingnut. (Sic--all references to "sack" as a synonym for courage being the imaginative property of Patriarchy, Inc. All rights reserved to people not like me. ) As I said, Romney doesn't owe these people one damn thing because they don't approve of him on general principles. His yielding to any pressure from them is basically wasted energy, and a gift to the Obama Administration, who wouldn't at all mind seeing him painted into a far-right corner.

If he's painted into a far-right corner (and can't get no Indy's) and hasn't tickled the political libido of the far-right base either, then that guy is gonna lose. And good riddance to diffident rubbish, I'd say.

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