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Friday, March 4, 2011

Rachel Maddow hilariously eviscerates Newt Gingrich's empire of scam:

(For transcript, see below.*)

I wonder how many times Gingrich can wander down to the swimmin' hole, threaten to jump in, and fail to do so before the other kids get the idea he doesn't want to get his trunks wet?  Also, I wonder exactly how overtly cheesy someone's racket has to look before people start walking away. It's long puzzled me that a person who hasn't been in office for over a decade and who left office with some ethics issues, is such a fixture on tv chat shows, even after saying weird, all the time  (go! click the link! this is a brilliant compilation of sheer Newtery!) and is still taken so seriously.

He's an intellectual for anti-elitists--maybe that's it. He uses his vocabulary and appearance of Deep Thinkery in the service of telling regular people--"You know what--you're exactly right! And the liberal eggheads are exactly wrong." When massaging people's biases, who needs facts or reason? Also--he's a politician without portfolio--that may be another. After all, what could be more appealing to a party that disdains Big Government than to not actually be a part of it?

Anyhow, I think there is just too much muck to be churned for Gingrich to really be taking this seriously, no matter what the competition looks like. After all, just like rumors that he's had presidential ambitions have been around since, like, c. 1995, the oppo research file has been built on him since then. Even though Fox Mushroom Farm has suspended him while he makes up he mind about running--I'd still say it's long odds against him actually doing it. Maddow's piece is a great reminder of why.

MADDOW: December 7th to most Americans is the day that will live in infamy, right? It‘s the anniversary of Pearl Harbor and it‘s a somber day among American historical commemorations.

Pearl Harbor Day this year was commemorated by Newt Gingrich as follows. He tweeted this: “The 69th anniversary of the Japanese attack is a good time to remind folks of our novels ‘Pearl Harbor‘ and ‘Days of Infamy,‘ Newt.”

By “our novels,” Mr. Gingrich means novels that he co-wrote that he wants you to buy. It‘s a good time to remind. Mr. Gingrich later deleted that tweet without comment and without apology.

On Veterans Day this year, if you were lucky enough to be one of Mr. Gingrich‘s spam scam email lists, he sent out an e-mail on November 11th under the subject line, “Happy Veterans Day.” If you clicked on that, you would find out that Mr. Gingrich was using Veterans Day to promote another one of his novels, which might make a lovely gift “celebrate veterans, pay Newt.”

And then Christmas this year was an occasion for him announcing “12 days of Gingrich gifts.” Actually, I should be specific here. It was specifically an occasion for the Gingrich productions of 12 days of Xmas presents.

Newt Gingrich is amazing.

This was the scam fax he was sending out just before the election last year. You can tell it‘s a scam by a few different things here.

Number one: they use a font that is designed to look like a handwritten, to make it look like it‘s personal handwritten fax, but it is not handwritten. It is mass produced. That is a font. That‘s one way you can tell it‘s a scam

The other way you can tell it‘s a scam is because it says right up here at the top, Newt Gingrich. This is one of Newt‘s spam specialties—he gives out fake awards.

This one in particular was sent to the mother of a reporter at “The Huffington Post.” It purports to be a casual note directly from Newt to one of his staffers, sort of leaking the inside, but happy information that Sam Stein‘s mother had, quote, “made the cut as one of Newt‘s quote 2010 Champions of Medicine.” Newt was giving her an award. He had selected her and she had made the cut. He even faxed out a picture of the physical award would look like. This would look great in your office, says the handwritten font.

It does not say so in the blast fax, but if you call for more information about how to accept the award, you would find out that in order to get the award, you have to send Newt Gingrich $5,000. This kind of scam has made Newt Gingrich a rich man since he left the House of Representatives under a cloud of fundraising ethics charges

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