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Monday, January 31, 2011

Maggie Gallagher Discovers teh Buttsehks. Does not want.

Ordinarily, I would leave the individual sexual preferences of anyone well enough alone as not being my business, but when someone who has positively made a business out of judging what should/shouldn't be appropriate for other people, with respects to their amative partners, long-term commitments, and the general practices and mores regarding sex, it is interesting to find out what they think and perhaps use that understanding to find out how they think--and so when I came across this snippet from NOM's very own Maggie Gallagher regarding Roe v. Wade and anal sex, (hat tip, I mean, curse you, Amanda Marcotte) I was well and truly fascinated.  Here's some of that Maggie Gallagher primness gone wild:

I spent the anniversary of Roe v. Wade reading an important new book, "Premarital Sex in America," written by two well-regarded young sociologists, Mark Regnerus of the University of Texas at Austin and Jeremy Uecker at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.

They analyzed Add Health's nationally representative data to find out how sex and abortion affect young women's mental health and life satisfaction.

Their conclusion? The data "suggest that abortion may contribute to depression in emerging adulthood, independent of sexual-behavior patterns" in young women -- and even after controlling for factors like race, family structure, parents' education and educational attainment.

You know what's funny about that? This study was recently released that indicates that abortion doesn't have a link with depression.  Hmm.

Also, she wonders:

Well, Regnerus and Uecker provocatively ask, why do a growing number of young women engage in anal sex? By age 23, 33 percent of never-married young women in the Add Health survey say they've had anal sex (white women are the most likely). When asked if they enjoy it "very much," just 15 percent of women who've tried it say yes. So why do women do it?
I dunno, on the off-chance they might be one of the 15% who like it very much? And presumably, there's some proportion of women who like it kinda-sorta, and some who are just "meh".  Interestingly, some women find vag/pen just "meh". Some women just never get off from the Mish, for example.  Some don't like the intervention of a penis in their sexual congress at all. And a number of them try that "no penis sex" too.  And I'm hard-pressed to find where Roe v. Wade has, erm,  bugger-all to do with that.  Also, outside of this article, did you know women give blow-jobs? And that men seem to be learning about foreplay and cunnilingus? Even if they might not necessarily always like oral, but understand their partner likes it?

It's almost as if there was a sexual revolution somewhere within the last forty years where both sexes became more vocal about what they liked and didn't like. And maybe that's kind of like freedom?

Anyway, welcome to the 20th Century, Maggie Gallagher! (Notwithstanding we're well into the 21st.)

By the way--my body doesn't have to be deformed by an untimely or difficult pregnancy that could cause a peritoneal tear or leave an episiotomy scar. My choice not to have a pregnancy isn't about being "like a man", but exercizing my reproductive choices as a mature woman. I might try to please my partner--and request my partner try to please me. Whether my partner is a man--or a another woman. And that isn't courtesy of any legislation--that's just a healthy state of gender politics right now--and why I really can't stand the things Gallagher usually stands for. They are a big step back, and one I don't want to take.

Sometimes I think she means to appoint herself Boss of all the Sexes. This article is why she has not been so appointed.

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