Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Speaking of People being Separated from the Military, Lt. Col. Lakin has been sentenced.

So, where I think I last left off with the erstwhile Army doctor, he was in my opinion, very earnest about something he had absolutely no verification for.

So, he will now be separated from the Army for his failure to obey orders, which means a loss of any benefits, such as pension, that he accrued, and he will do a six month stint in military prison.

In terms of screwing up a career to fail to make a valid point, the Lt. Col. did brilliantly. But I actually do think it's quite sad that such an uncritical view of conspiracy theory dreck actually seemed plausible enough to anyone, let alone a person who must have been educated, as Lakin, a doctor, was, enough so that he would risk his future this way.

Am I naive to think this should prompt other birthers to at least attempt to become more reality-based about their thinking?

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