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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Housekeeping Note--Snap, No BlogRoll!

Okay, I totally missed the memo, which is weird, because I think I probably did read something about Blogroller discontinuing their service (and then totally forgot it!). This means my BlogRoll is temporarily down while I look for a replacement widget-thingy. I am not a very good blogger in these respects. I really liked the Blogroller system because it was very simple to use. I am a huge fan of "simple".

Also--did you know that if Blogger is acting especially weird for you, all you really need to do is clear out your browsing history? I swear oh-so-very-figuratively to God, it's like I'm a time-traveller from 1997!

I really hope I get this fixed in, like, a day. I'm reasonably sure I remember all the sites I linked to. And anyway--updating is always good! (I'll have to see what happened with the "Atheist Blogroll", too.)

EDIT: OOoooohhh, Blogger has its own in-house blogrolling widget thing, so I just added it. It appealed to my quick'n'simple impulses. My blogroll will look pretty different because not all of the blogs I had on it were bookmarked under IE "Favorites". But this also gives me a good opportunity to add some blogs that I've more recently found myself regularly visiting. Yay, change.

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