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Saturday, December 4, 2010

AC360--Keeping them Honest About DADT

Admiral Mullen and Sec Def Gates are being awesome, Senator McCain is truly....uniquely awful. Even Sen. Lieberman, with whom I've totally had some gripes over policy issues in the past, is totally talking sense about this issue. I really don't get what McCain's deal is. There are so many talented, committed men and women whose desire to serve--whose patriotism, is being maligned. They are getting bounced from the military for no good reason. That itself should be proof enough to Senator McCain that this is not effective, and not a good strategy while we are at war.

I have a tendency to believe McCain's dishonorability on this is bad faith from his 2008 drubbing. I really wish he would get over himself. But in the meanwhile, I am glad so many people are addressing this issue sensibly. For once.

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