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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Westboro Baptist has some trouble in Oklahoma--

So, the Phelps clan and their attachment of misguided people went down to the funeral of Army Sgt. James McCluskey. This was a man they did not know from a hole in the ground, but since they are ghouls, they went to his funeral, just as they have gone to the funerals of some significant number of our deceased servicemembers to spread hate. The story has it there were more than a thousand counter-protestors, to a half-dozen WBC-dumbasses.

Also, their tires got slashed, and there wasn't a person locally who had any interest in helping their bigoted, shit-stirring, hateful asses anyway. So they had to get a tow to a Walmart.

My only question is--why did Walmart even let them get tires? Walmart--seriously, I'm looking at you.

Anyway, nice work, people of McAlester, OK. There is not one good thing about what those attention-seeking jerkwads do. That they are peddlers of bigotry is bad enough--that they prey on the sacred space of people's grief for attention is yet another. I salute how you shut their stupid faces down. I don't usually cheerlead folks getting their tires slashed but, well, civil disobedience in the cause of fucking with utter fuckwits just doesn't strike me as such a vice, right now. So I think this story is pretty right on.

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