Trump World Grab-Bag--A Collection

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

McCain wants a hearing to study the study that didn't do what he wanted in a hole in the bottom of the sea.

Okay--you don't have to watch all ten-plus minutes of Grampy droning on about the wars. About three minutes in, he's talking about DADT and the recently leaked study, which strongly suggests that our military woud be just fine if gay servicemembers were able to serve openly. There was a study. It was totally about "what would happen". That it was leaked does not invalidate the study, anymore than telling people what you wished for invalidates blowing out the candles on your birthday cake. And he wants to study the study to see if the study was the study he was studiously....

Right. I'll believe that he wants more "study" like I believe Cindy McCain isn't a grown woman who got told. Or like I think John McCain really had a plan for--anything (winning strategy for Iraq, Afghanistan? Ideas for the banking crisis just before the election?) Or like I believe Bush's lack of support was something other than having gotten to where he sort of hated McCain's guts. Or like I believe Sarah Palin would be ready at 3 am to do some serious "presidenting."

In other words: Something like this (sorry, link, can't embed), and something like this(Maddow totally nails McCain). What astonishes me is that he still goes on Meet the Press like a couple dozen times a year, but he has no consistent or realistic viewpoint, on anything, ever. Where's the value? What's the point?

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