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Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Chronicles of Bush--I may have to Dust off my library card.

There is something really compelling in the details of the recently-released Bush memoir that almost induces me to want to read it. I generally get books from Amazon with Two-Day Free Shipping because I'm impatient and owning books means I can read them whenever I like--but I don't want to own this one, or make GWB even a ha'penny wealthier. But I am something of a fiend for books relating to the Bush family. They are different from us--but George Bush, the younger, our last, and worst, president, sometimes seems so human.

One story he recounted in his book and in an interview with the Today show's Matt Lauer, involved his mother miscarrying, and showing him the fetus, she she had put in a jar.

That strikes me as truly odd. In what way does a person confront their dead sibling? Or better still, in what way does one confront a parent who displays said sibling in a jar, like a cocktail onion, and somehow learn anything from it, other than one's family is a little odd?

And since he admits to torture and hints at having possibly wanted to endorse Obama over McCain--his book might just be an interesting read. He might not be president any longer, but I still do wonder who GWB is and how he got that way.

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