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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rand Paul Supporters step on a lady's head--WTF?

That is amazing. We've had people show up at rallies and protests and tea party things all these last couple years with tricorn hats, wigs, actual open-carry side-arms, you name it, and signs with commentary that has been--well, truly special and highly indicative of this nation's support of freedom of speech. But to see a person not merely heckled, which might be expected, if you think they support the "wrong team", but actually seriously physically assaulted, as if her opinion and right to voice it was a mortal threat?

What the hell is wrong with these people? This young lady was just engaging in some, um, Constitutionally-permitted freedom of speech? The correct response if one disagreed was a letter to the editor, a blog-post, a righteous "booing"? But to hurt a person just trying to get across a political message?

That is some brownshirt shit. That is not being about freedom of speech. That is actually about being insecure, certain that you'll be shown up, being a scared-ass punk that can't take criticism. So here's some more criticism: Rand Paul already has been a touchy weirdo about his personal beliefs and all--and now his supporters seem insecure, too--and violently so. Why are they scared? Why do they think a little criticism will hurt the campaign...huh? Because Rand Paul doesn't know shit from a hole in the ground, has a half-baked libertarian/christianist mash-up cynical whatever works philosophy, and because he's really just a chunk of his old man's stool that decided he had a POV at some point worth inflicting on other people? In other words, he's not just a bad candidate, he's probably a bad person, and his supporters, the die-hards, the people who would do a thing like this? Just suck and you shouldn't want to be like them! You can think Conway's a smarmy pol, and he is pretty, and maybe pretty smarmy--but he is a serious political character who is not a thug-magnet. As Rand Paul is. Whose supporters stepped on the actual head of an actual live lady, because they were very mad, and had no real good reason to be except that their candidate is a joke and was going to have a joke perpetrated on him.

Any questions?

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