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Monday, October 25, 2010

Dad confronts Abortion Protestors

This man, who wanted to have a baby with his wife, had to take her in for a procedure when it turned out their baby was dying. These insensitive so-called pro-lifers--hassled this couple. And for once in a forever, got a little hassled back.

I know this was in part a reaction of grief, but I'm glad he told those smug busybodies off. They needed to know there were other people in this world with their own stories that did not fit their narrow viewpoint. And I hope they think about it. And maybe realize that what they do to women, and how they invade the privacy of these women, is a shame. A shame on the busybodies who assume they know what is best for others, and assume they have answers. Life is tragic. There are no easy answers. The women who seek abortions all have stories, and these protestors are not there to hear them. They are just there to make noise. They can talk about adoption or whatever else, but at the end of the day, if they yelled "Murderer" at some anxious person with a dying baby inside her, or the baby of an abuser, a rapist, a relative, inside her, if they tried to make someone feel ashamed for trying to make a decision that would affect the rest of her life, if they tried to harrass the man who stands by her whether he is her partner, husband or friend, as if they know something?

They are full of shit, and make everything worse, and know nothing. There is an aspect of the pro-life movement that strikes me as anything but "pro-life". There are millions of individual stories. Some heart-breaking. If they really cared about "life" they would comfort the bereaved, not torment people already going through some serious issues. And they wouldn't be smug and superior and holy about it either--they'd just be human.

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